05 Apr 2013

SharePoint and MS Dynamics

Since the beginning of this week, we have launched Microsoft Dynamics and the latest version
of SharePoint. With these systems we are able to support our customers more efficiently and
raise our level of quality in services. In doing so, we follow up the introduction of Lync as an
additional communication system we have been offering for the last year.

By using SharePoint, our team is always able to gain access to their project documents and files, worldwide.

Documents can be read and worked on by different team members at the same time, so every member is up to date with the latest developments of a project. Of course, we apply highest security standards in this field. The storage of data is carried out in a decentralized way on different high security server farms; no data is stored locally on terminal equipment. Moreover, we have increased the level of security in comparison to our former procedures: our field crews do not have to use notebooks or USB dongles for confidential data.

With Microsoft Dynamics, our teams have world wide access on the project relevant data of our customers. New orders can be placed while still being with the customer, the status and timesheets of a project can be requested in real time wherever demanded.